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Eddie Huang Talks Fried Chicken Sandwiches, Jeezy/Yeezy

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Welcome back to Haus Call, where Eater periodically checks in with BaoHaus and Xiao Ye chef/owner Eddie Huang to see what he’s up to these days.

eddiehuang.jpgWith the opening of his newest restaurant Xiao Ye looming, Eddie Huang took some time last week to make some tweaks at his first restaurant, BaoHaus. Aside from building a new iPod playlist, the Huangster also debuted a new menu item, the BirdHaus™: a bun stuffed with a fried-to-order chicken breast that's been brined overnight. This morning we caught up with Huang to ask him about the origins of his newest creation:

My favorite foods all time are soup dumplings, sticky rice, and fried chicken. The BirdHaus has been in the works for a while. The flavor is very much like a big fried chicken patty you'd get at night market in Taiwan. Mine is different because in Taiwan they pound it out super flat and its thinner/crispier. If you got it in Taiwan, it's a frisbee but I prefer a juicier piece of meat that's thicker.
Fried chicken in NY? I usually just make it myself, but in the neighborhood I like Georgia's Eastside. Pretty dope. People tell me there are good chicken places in Williamsburg. I don't go to Williamsburg so I've never had it myself, but how good could it be if those people still fit in their jeans?
And what about that new iPod playlist?
I just thought there was a lot of good shit out at the moment. Jeezy, Yeezy, TI, Fat Joe all had some new tracks out. My boy Tyler Askew had just thrown a Black Keys party for Kin so I was in the mood for that. The second playlist, was just wild-out cause the Dips were back. This third one was sent to me from a DJ DDPESH. We change it once a week, it takes a lot of work!

So, there you go. Huang keeps it fresh, keeps it new on the BaoHaus stereo. Also, when we asked him what he was doing this morning his response was: "Right now, it's 10am, I just woke up, and I'm about to see what's on cause my shawty is at the gym! BONG."
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