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Nightlife Finally Returns To A Place That Can Really Use It

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A new $2.5 million restaurant and nightclub that opened in May in a part of town not previously known for its nightlife is already attracting a major buzz. Each night, the club is packed with a mix of young and affluent, enjoying food and drinks in a room described as "part Beirut, part Dubai, part Miami lounge circa “Scarface,” without the cocaine." Is it a new club in Midtown? Somewhere near Wall Street? Is it Michael Lohan's new Hampton's venue?

It's actually the Lebanese Club in Baghdad, and it represents the first major nightlife investment in the war town city in decades. Despite problems with electricity and the patrons fear of a car bomb awaiting them after a night out, the Lebanese Club is already a smashing success, as the partners expect to make their multi-million dollar investment back within one year. With returns like that, expect representatives from 1 OAK, Abe and Arthur's and Marquee to be scouting out locations in Iraq by the end of the week.
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