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Marquee Owner Still Amazed That People Go To Marquee

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Marquee and Avenue co-owner Jason Strauss spends most of his time in Las Vegas overseeing he and partner Noah Tepperberg's desert empire. But Strauss came to New York last week and decided to pay a visit to Marquee, the pair's first mega success that launched them into the upper echelons of the hospitality industry. Marquee isn't quite the dynamo that it once was, having recently been exposed as having perhaps the easiest door policies in club land and far from the top of the Door Report. So even Strauss was taken aback after arriving at at Marquee last week for a surprise visit and found a huge crowd, saying, "I shit u not. Marquee NYC after 6 years still slammed." You know a club has been around a long time when the owner is even surprised that it is still crowded. Maybe that's why Harvard Business School turned it into a case study.
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289 10th Ave., New York, NY

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