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The Early Word on 3rd Avenue Gastropub Penny Farthing

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The Penny Farthing, a reverberant gastropub that opened last week in the old Cafe Deville Space on Lower Third Avenue, aims to be many things. It's a bar, it's a restaurant, and there's that subterranean space PF13 to consider. So far, people are praising the beer selection and the ample room, but worry that their prices might work against them in a neighborhood saturated with students concerned with living cheaply. To the early word:

The "Bar or Restaurant?" News: EV Grieve posts the menu and a short recap from a reader: ""[T]hey've definitely reimagined the space. In the old cafe, the bar seemed pretty secondary, but it seems pretty front and center now. Right in the middle is a large table, and it looks like they've partitioned off some tables for diners over on the left. The old bicycle wheels are definitely up, as is a decent draft/bottled beer list. The hostess said the downstairs area is not open yet, as it's more for the Thursday through Saturday night crowd. My fingers are crossed that a "Thursday night crowd" does not mean frat-tactic. The people there tonight definitely seemed a little more mature, so maybe there is hope! And there are 4ish large TVs up in the space. Interesting mix of bar and restaurant, that's for sure." [EVG]

The "Good Drinks Bad Food" News: Yelper Molly G. likes the drinks but wants better food: "This bar will get 4 stars for my first time there. I live in the area, and saw that it opened so checked it out for happy hour last early. It is a really cool space. Good selection on tap, decent food choices. The spinach and artichoke dip needed some salt, and the sliders were overcooked, but I still liked the vibe at this place. Interested to see whether it becomes a college bar, or remains a 20s/30's bar." [Yelp]

The "Too Pricey for NYU Students" News: NYDrinker likes the layout and the beer selection, but notes that the prices might deter penny-pinching youngsters: "A solid beer selection mixes American microbrews (Abita, Goose Island, and the Brooklyn-based Kelso) with European picks (Newastle, Carlsberg, Palm). At $7 for an imperial pint, it will drive away the more cost-conscience NYU students. With a bar that seats over 20, benches and long tables that seat more, plus two dozen indoor tables and sidewalk tables coming soon, Penny Farthing is a BIG bar, and this doesn’t even include its lower level lair, called PF13. The question will be whether or not Penny Farthing can fill this space. Decorative old machinery and bicycle wheels (a penny farthing is a bicycle with one wheel much larger than the other) and a variety of newspapers available to borrow are nice touches, as are the three large TVs that will undoubtedly show sports at the bar. But can a bar in the heart of NYU dorm-country succeed without attracting the broke college student? Are there enough “grown ups” in the area to fill such a large space?" [NYDrinker]

The "Foreshadowed News": And sure enough, Yelper Charles Y. says, "Prices are a tad high, when you have something across the street practically half priced. Entrees look to run around $10 to $12. Takes a bit of time to come out, but wasn't so bad. Draft beers running around $7. I think a tad of a reach, but it was definitely happening. I guess would go well for the crowd that doesn't really care too much about what and where they spend." [Yelp]

The "Hey, How About That Design?" News: Shecky's thinks they did a bang-up job on the decor and sheds a bit more info on the downstairs lounge PF13: "We know what you’re thinking?oh great, another generic pub-meets-sports bar, just what the East Village needs. But how many run-of-the-mill spots use mushrooms to treat their wood so that it’s perfectly worn and rustic?...On the weekends, sneak downstairs to their private alcove PF13, which includes a separate entrance on 13th Street. With its own bar, long wooden banquettes, beautiful stone walls and zero windows, the cavernous space guarantees some frisky dance parties." [Shecky's]
—Zachary Feldman

The Penny Farthing

103 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10003 212 387 7300 Visit Website

The Penny Farthing

103 Third Ave., New York, NY

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