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Are Nightclub Chains Bad For New York Nightlife?

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The Boston Herald reports that nightlife impresario Scott Sartiano has been scouting out locations in Beantown for potential locations for 1OAK and Butter, the popular restaurant and nightclub venues he co-owns with partner Richie Akiva. This would be the latest step in the duo's Butter expansion plan, which includes a recently opened Butter Charlotte and a second location for Butter NYC that was recently announced. While the expansion rumors show that business has been good for Sartiano, Akiva and their investors, it seems appropriate to wonder if rolling out a chain of New York's more popular night spots doesn't reflect poorly on New York's nightlife scene.

Although many lament this fact, New York's restaurant and bar scene helps attract new residents and millions of visitors a year. But does opening a Butter or 1OAK in cities across the US threaten the city's stature as the nightlife capital of the world by lessening the need to actually come to New York to experience a night on the town? After all, these places always try to bring something unique to the table, unlike a Chilli's that seeks to recreate the same package in as many places as possible. A nightclub owner with venues across the country disagrees with this theory, telling Eater that, "as long as they make each outlet a hit going national only helps the brand. Also, after 7 or 8 years of being open a brand is a basically already established as a brand with certain customer expectations, I don't think expansion can really change most peoples perception of it at that point."

And while refusing to confirm the Boston (or national rumors), Sartiano tells us that while expansion does have risks, "I don't think my plan (if there is one) will cheapen my brand."

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