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Hamptons Resto-Blogger Chooses Ex-Harbour Chef Joe Isidori

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Bruce Buschel, the restaurant blogger/owner who almost named his restaurant Dogwinkle, has an excellent post on the Start-Up Chronicle today about the trials and travails of hiring a chef. He ends up choosing an ex-Harbour chef, the Michelin starred Joe Isidori after chef Doug Psaltis totally flakes out and Eric Ripert's recommended guy doesn't want to relocate to the Hamptons. But the most entertaining part of the piece is his account of all of the nutjob chefs he's encountered throughout the process:

One chef showed up for a lunch interview six sheets to the wind...Another promised to dash off a sample menu the day after our meeting, took a month to call to ask for my e-mail address — available on this site — and then was shocked that I had eliminated him from consideration...One chef had his teenage nephew write me a long e-mail message about the strengths of his uncle as a cook and as a family man.
Hey, it's tough to get a quality chef at a seasonal locale. The other funny bit: he has yet to taste Isidori's food.
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