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Bourdain Likens Established Food Media to Grandparents Trying to Break Dance

Over on Eater National, Joshua David Stein has part one of his two part interview with food world celeb and rabble-rouser Anthony Bourdain. Click through for the whole shebang, but here are some highlights.

On Esquire critic John Mariani: "I've got a lot of pats on the back and I expect a lot of food baskets from Midwestern states over the next few months when this book comes out because a lot of people were waiting for someone to say something about this prick."

On mainstream media: "I think the blogosphere is the future. It's agonizing to watch the established food media try to deal with that. It's like watching your grandparents trying to breakdance. It's sad."

On burning bridges: "One of the reasons I'm so obnoxious in the book is to be sure I don't get invited to the same parties. In my life, the smartest decisions and most important decisions I've made are made when there are no other options available when I've shut every other door. And in some ways, I want to make sure that when the TV show gets canceled, I won't be able to do the Fiji Water party route and hanging out at the Beard House."
· Anthony Bourdain Sounds Off, Part 1 [~E~]

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