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A Guide to the New Frankies Cookbook (Plus Giveaways!)

As mentioned yesterday, the "Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual," from Frank Falcinelli, Frank Castronovo, and cookbook author Peter Meehan, dropped a little earlier than its original publishing date, much to the happy surprise of those who pre-ordered. For those who haven't already bought or ordered the thing, know this: it's pretty, it's highly useful, and we're giving away 10 copies today along with three prints from the illustrator Sarah Rutherford. But before the giveaway, the breakdown.

Who blurbs it: Mario Batali ("the most famous Italian chef on the planet"), Peter Kaminsky, Spike Jonze, Paul Bocuse ("culinary godhead, chef of chefs")
Jacket quote: "Grandma never broke a sweat. Neither should you."
Best blurb: Batali: "The Franks' tasty hybrid of art, technique, and crazy personal style is what we need to hide from all those new reality TV chefs..."
No. of hand drawn illustrations: 120
Cutest illustration: The one of Frank's dog (above)
No. of dog appearances in the book and jacket: 7

Best simple recipe: tomato sauce
Best moderately complicated recipe: eggplant marinara
Extras: chapters on necessary home kitchen tools, pantry staples, olives, olive oil, wine, cooking with children, and how to grow an avocado tree.
Bonkers addition: an explanation of the Frankies Crest (it involves a star, a castle, a sickle, and a crescent moon).
Acknowledged: Drew Nieporent, David Burke, Charlie Palmer, Eric Ripert, Duane Sorenson, The Black Crowes, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Waylon Jennings, Jean-Georges, The Sonic Youth Family, Kate Krader, Dana Cowin, Christine Muhlke and Oliver Strand, Mathieu Motorino, Thomas Keller, and more.

And now for the giveaway: Want to win one of 10 cookbooks? Tell us about your favorite Frankies dish and why you need the recipe OR your best NYC stoner food moment. And want to win one of three prints from the book (we're giving away a print of the store front, the avocado tree, and an olive oil can): Send in the name of the dog in the drawing above. All entries should go to by tomorrow, Thursday, at 5 PM. Here, for fun, a couple more drawings:
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Frankies Spuntino

457 Court St., New York, NY