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Locals Weigh In on Sandra Lee/Mama Cuomo LasagnaGate

DNA Info went around town asking New Yorkers if it's sacrilege that Food Network star and potential First Girlfriend of New York uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta in her lasagna, as suggested by her boyfriend's mother, Mama Cuomo. A worker at Manganaro's defends the choice, but the New Yorkers on the street seem outraged.

'Who cares?' is the right reaction, but since the topic is on the table, there is this defense. In the original and later editions of the Betty Crocker Cookbook, a standby for countless American cooks throughout the latter part of the last century, cottage cheese is used in the cheese layer, not ricotta. So while she may not make an Italian version, it can very well be called an American one.
· New Yorker's Agree, Sandra Lee's Lasagna Recipe is Not the Real Deal [DNAInfo]