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Terroir Calls for War Against Generic Ubiquitous Street Fairs

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Ah, street fair season. A time when every weekend, whole avenues are taken over by vendors selling mozzarepas, tube socks, CDs, smoothies, and bad jewelry. The tourists may adore the scene, but the folks over at eccentric, now civic-minded, wine bar Terroir are not happy. And they've put out a call to stop the "Street Fair Terrorists." From their missive:

Who needs a glass of wine? We do. Why? Because Street Fair Season is in full operation. Because last year we had to put up with 321 fairs that contributed a big, fat zero to New York City life. Because while Street Fairs generated $1.6 million for NYC last year, Street Fairs cost us $2.4 million in police overtime. Because all the tube socks Street Fairs sell have holes in them. Because a chicken kabob on 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street tastes exactly like 3rd Avenue and 22nd Street and that is not the terroir we are looking for.
Slam! You hear that Bloomberg? Not the terroir we are looking for.
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