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Nightclub Owner Sues Blogger Steve Lewis For Libel

Nightclub owner Gary Malhotra is suing interior designer and blogger Steve Lewis and his employer Blackbook for libel. The fun all started when Malhotra was sued by a former Quo waitress of mistaking her body for a mirrored coffee table. Lewis took to his soap box, claiming that the previously convicted club owner "does cross just about every line in the book in regards to sexual harassment of waitresses." Malhotra took offense with the accusation, and alleges in his lawsuit that Uncle Stevie flat out lied about a previous incident regarding Malhotra's treatment of an ex-girlfriend who once worked at Quo, damaging his personal and professional reputation in the process.

The final twist is that Steve Lewis had been hired to design and manage promotions by Malhotra and his partners in 2008, receiving $9,000 in payments for his work. But Lewis was quickly fired by the Quo team after they discovered his own criminal history stemming from his earlier glory days, which prohibit him from actively running a nightclub. Might Lewis' anger stem from this incident? Blackbook is standing by its man, saying the company is "quite content to let the public record speak for itself regarding the invalidity of Malhotra’s complaints." Lewis had been making noise that while he loves the forum, he was growing tired of the grind of a daily column. We wonder if this lawsuit shoves him away from this here game forever.
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