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8 Awesome Ways Restaurateurs Describe Their New Concepts

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Eater operatives attend a lot of community board meetings, and thus they are on the front lines when restaurateurs try to pitch their concepts to the liquor license gods. They throw around the phrases "small plates," "family friendly," "neighborhood centric," "gastopub," and "brasserie" like nobody's business. Some of the more creative descriptors so far:

1) "Gastro Fusion" [Percy's]
2) "Nose to Tail Fast Food" [Sister to Supper/Frank]
3) "Global Jewish" (not related to Jewsion) [Little Printz Cafe]
4) "Seafood market/restaurant/high-end cocktail bar" [Sea on A]
5) "Jewsion" [1 Essex St.]
6) Grilled Cheese-centric Restaurant [Melted]
7) "Italian version of a truck stop" [Osteria Morini]
8) An Italian, small plates spot "designed for women" [STK]

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