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Health Dept. Releases Final Rules for Letter Grade System

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The Dept. of Health announced today that they have finalized the rules for the LA-style new letter grade restaurant inspection system. To sum them up:

· The first graded inspections begin in late July. It will take over a year to hit all restaurants.
· Restaurants who receive A grades will be inspected annually; anything below gets closer monitoring.
· A restaurant receiving 0 to 13 violation points gets an A
· Those with more points have the chance to improve scores on a re-inspection conducted a short time later.
· Those scoring 14 to 27 points on the re-inspection get Bs
· Those with 28 or more get Cs.
· "If a restaurant wants to contest a B or C grade, it can post sign that says Grading Pending until it has had a chance to be heard at the Health Department’s Administrative Tribunal."

Ooh, a tribunal! How terrifying. Ok, restaurateurs. Consider yourselves warned.
· Health Department Announces Final Restaurant Grading Rules [DOH Official Site]

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