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Osteria Il Paiolo, The Little Bird Certified Open; Berrywild, Snack Dragon Wednesday

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1) The West Village: Grub Street notices that the former spot of a newsstand and later Kudo Beans on West 4th Street is now a gyro spot. The best part: it has an awesome backyard. Status: Certified Open; 326 Sixth Ave., 917-472-7869.

2) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie spots signage that reveals that the new location of taco shack Snack Dragon will open tomorrow. Status: Signs point to opening tomorrow; 164 Orchard Street.

3) East Village: Ev Grieve reports that a new vegan restaurant called The Little Bird has opened on Ave. B near 11th St. Right now they just sell baked goods like cookies and granola, but they'll offer small plates in the coming weeks. Status: Certified Open; 182 Avenue B.

4) FiDi: The newly renovated kiosks down on Police Plaza on Centre Street opened last week. Collectively called Open Air Cafe, the group includes Lucky Buns, a sandwich and burger spot, and The Pantry. The two other kiosks in the group, Choza and Sauced, will come soon. Status: Certified Open; 1 Centre St.

5) Upper West Side: The owners email in to announce the opening of the third New York location of fro-yo spot Berrywild. The chain offers six flavors (in two textures) and fresh fruit toppings. The new location will open on Broadway and 82nd. on Wednesday. Status: Opening Wednesday; 2286 Broadway

6) Williamsburg: The Skinny Pig reports on the opening of Osteria Il Paiolo on North 6th Street over the weekend. Owned by a former manager at Da Silvano, the restaurant serves modernized Northern Italian cuisine. Click through for a write up on some of the menu offerings. Status: Certified Open; 106 North 6th St., Williamsburg; 718-218-7080.
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Osteria Il Paiolo

106 North 6th St., Brooklyn, NY

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