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NY Post Hires Actors To Test Nightclub Door Policies

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Inspired by Eater's Door Report, the NY Post sent six actors to test the door policies of six of New York's most popular nightclubs. The actors stepped into the roles of guido and guidette, a cougar, a suburban dad and two geeks and each visited the same west side clubs on their own, reporting a mix of acceptance, rejection and utter dismissal by the club's doormen and women. So who came out on top? The easiest door to penetrate was Marquee, the seven year old nightclub that eventually let all six of the poseurs inside. The cougar, guidette and dad had more success at clubs such as Tenjune, 1OAK and Griffin, which quickly escorted them inside the magical velvet ropes. Amazingly, the actors were told to avoid Provocatuer, whose strict door policies and ability to sniff out a ringer are already well known.

All six of the clubbers were promptly rejected from the Boom Boom Room, where the door girl made all of them feel sub human. She suggested that the dad go sit in the Standard Hotel's public square and told the nerdette to try her luck at the Standard Beer Garden. The cougar was also rejected, which is a bit surprisingly since she would have fit right in with the rest of the crowd. The best interaction was the nerd, who told the Boom's door staff that he was there to meet Madonna. Sadly, she was not there that night, and he was sent on his way.

So what did we learn? Being coldly rejected from a nightclub really hurts, even if you are an actor who was hired to try and get into a nightclub. This exercise also reaffirmed that older and more established nightclubs like Marquee, Tenjune and 1OAK have more lenient door policies than newer places like Avenue and Griffin, and that the Boom Boom Room deserves its place on top of the Door Report.
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Boom Boom Room

848 Washington St., New York, NY 10014

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