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Early Responders Weigh in on 'Gastropub' Rabbit in the Moon

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Rabbit in the Moon, the new 'gastropub' on an unbecoming block of 8th Street that is covered in fake ivy is now in friends and family/soft opening mode. And luckily for everyone, some first responders have already weighed in with their assessments. First up, The Pink Pig:

It's a curious hybrid. Wooden beams, bucolic mottoes and portraits of Tennyson and Byron vie with a shiny white-topped bar and front-of-house staff predominantly (or so it seemed) from continental Europe. A deer's head looks lugubriously down from one wall. Very young women in very short skirts hoist cocktails.
Exciting! Even more exciting: he seems to like the food. Meanwhile PXThis weighs in on the cocktails ("sparse and somewhat trite"), the bartenders ("a bit frosty at first"), the room ("cozy"), the and the menu:
Very good. Lots and lots of potential here. The menu is relatively scant (for now?) and decidedly far more artistic than the "gastro-pub" description would have you believe. Much more impressive than I’d expected (given the operators’ pedigrees). Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
And of course, the people on the Twitter are fans. Read more about the background of the place, and why bartenders are called "chefs du bar," over on Metromix.
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47 West 8th St., New York, NY

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