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Dividing the Burg's Restaurants Among Hipsters and Breeders

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After last week's 7 Worst Outdoor Drinking Spots in New York counted all of the babies at Radegast beer hall as a negative, an Eater commenter got riled up. And then he produced the following helpful list, dividing up the Williamsburg neighborhood, which is quickly filling up with new parents. The first half of the list is where the childless partiers are allowed to hang. The second part of the list is for the breeders and their spawn:

—Bushwick Country Club -- have at!
—the place where Kokie's used to be - enjoy your frito pie!
— Royal Oak (party NYU style!)
—Spike Hill (!)
—Macri Park (hint -- kind of a surprisingly fun scene!)
— Margarets
— Turkey's Nest (!)
—Tail House
—Glasslands (!)
— Zablonski's
— Barcade (except for dads with sleepless babies in bjorns -- quiet game of donkey kong w/ pint of victory pils shouldn't get you off your Game too much)
— Gutter (they're fools not to do family bow; weekend afternoons but currently ALL YOURS)
— Daddy's (!)
— Sweet-ups (p.s. it's kind of under-rated!)
— Bembe (watch your gf but have at!)
— Fatty Cue (we could take this if we wanted but at the end of the day it's not all that so I'm going to give it to you)
— Walter Fine Foods (ditto!)
— successor joint to Galapagos + pretty much anywhere else N6 area
— All the "secret" joints in Bushwick! (ours were better back in the day)
— Maracuya (!)
— All the Japanese joints
— The new Knitting Factory! (actually a mighty fine bar)
— all the southside side-street bars
These are a gray area:
— Commodore -- although I might reserve the right to bring kids for early dinner
— Union Pool -- kids can pop in for afternoon tacos + a High Life though
And these are for the parents:
— Radegast -- suck it -- totally ours before 9p, 10p if we're partying (p.s. hey have you ever been to a beerhall in Munich? no kids right???)
— Loreley -- will probably be ours too, if we want it
— Berry Park -- roof is kind of ours before 9p or so; also TV area for afternoon soccer games
— Duyvil (not for older kids but early evening is ideal for babies -- again suck it)
— Fette Sau (ours if we feel like braving the crowd)
— St. Anselm (ours, if we like the food)
— Diner (definitely ours -- just go late -- you can have it after 9:30p! [steak will be gone though -- :— Marlow (ditto)
— Dumont and Dressler (don't go there personally but some of us do so not yours)
— La Superior
— The new Bonita on S4
— Zubulon (early side -- great also for afternoon birthday parties!)
— Diamond (we can go for early beers there WHENEVER WE WANT)
Family Bowl at Brooklyn Bowl! (adds up price-wise but surprisingly fun on a rainy day!)
OK, Williamsburg, the boundaries have been set. Everyone please stay on your own area.
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