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Ristorante Primavera, Artepasta, Cafe Spice, and Las Poblanitas

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Welcome back to the Shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has met its demise? Let us know.

2010_06_cafespice.jpg1) Upper East Side: According to a press release, the 32 year-old Upper East Side Italian restaurant Ristorante Primavera is shuttering at the end of this month as the owners decamp for Italy: "Owner Nicola Civetta has been a forerunner in bringing Northern Italian fine dining to New York City since Primavera opened in June of 1978. Primavera has hosted and provided countless dinners to several American Icons, actors, artists, musicians, heads of state, luminaries from the financial world and many of New York?s most prestigious and elegant clients, as well as countless important figure-heads through out the world."

2) Midtown: Midtown Lunch reports that Las Poblanitas on 38th between 8th and 9th Avenues is closed: "I wonder if business dropped off because of the 2 Bro’s pizza next door, which had a line 20 deep when I walked by." [ML]

3) West Village: Readers send word that Artepasta and Lips have both closed. A walkby confirms. [ShutterWire]

4) Union Square: Cafe Spice, the solid Indian spot on University and 10th has closed. They are relocating up to 24th Street between 5th and 6th Aves. [ShutterWire]

Cafe Spice

72 University Pl., New York, NY