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A NIMBY to Nightlife Translation For Community Boards

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A common theme has emerged in the ongoing battle between community boards and liquor license applicants. Every month, would be applicants appear before the community board hoping to get a precious recommendation to the SLA for approval of their application, and every month the local NIMBY's accuse the applicants of trying to pull a fast one over on the board. In an effort to be helpful, the Eater Nightlife Desk has compiled a list of the most common terms that license applicants use at community board meetings and the literal translation of what their true intentions are.

· Proposal: A quiet neighborhood cafe Translation: A nightclub/drug den
· Proposal: A coffee and wine bar with poetry readings Translation: A Beatrice-like dancing den
· Proposal: A wine bar Translation: All night rave
· Proposal: A Gastropub Translation: A rowdy sports bar with beer pong
· Proposal: Hotel lobby bar for guests Translation: A nightclub/drug den
· Proposal: A ping pong club Translation: A place for aging actresses to date young hipsters.
· Proposal: A piano cabaret lounge Translation: A Beatrice-like dancing den
· Proposal:A fine dining establishment hoping for 2 or 3 star review Translation: A S&M sex dungeon/nightclub

Hopefully this guide will be helpful to the community boards who play such a vital role in maintaining New York's reputation as the best city on earth, and inspire applicants to stop being so deceitful.
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