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Did NYPost Exposé Inspire New Spying Policy at BR Guest?

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Earlier this week the Post sent an underage intern to 30 bars around the East Village to see whether or not he would get carded. Perhaps after seeing the report—17 of the bars served the kid and were called out by name—or because of a general NYC crackdown, restaurateurs around the city are taking notice. An insider alleges that Steve 'The Mayor of the Universe' Hanson has a new policy at all of his BR Guest restaurants:

Steve Hanson, head of BRGuest Restaurants, is sending in undercover underage kids to his establishments to make sure his staff is checking for IDs. If they aren't, they get fired. On Wednesday he sent ppl out to six of his NYC restaurants and no one passed. He is also making the staff sign a piece of paper saying that your employment will be terminated if you're caught not carding.
The man means business. The BR Guesters really should have seen this coming though—it can't be the first time he's used mystery shoppers. (Big Brother has eyes everywhere.)

And college freshman, the days of Sweet Action at Wildwood are done.
· Poor Choices: Summer Intern Narcs on Bars to Impress Bosses [~ENY~]

Wildwood Barbeque

225 Park Ave South, New York, New York 10003


225 Park Ave. South, New York, NY

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