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New York Bartenders Switch Gears, Turn to Coffee

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In the Two is a Trend category today: barmen turning to caffeine. Zagat Buzz reports that the folks behind The Randolph, the popular and schmancy Little Italy bar will begin opening at 8 AM instead of the usual 5:30 PM. According to the post, "there will be quality coffee on hand sourced from American suppliers and roasters." Right now they're still trying to reconfigure the space.

Meanwhile, Grub Street notices some similar activity on the Lower East Side. Toby Maloney and Jason Cott, the men who created the cocktail list at The Rusty Knot are hiring "coffee bartenders," for a coffee bar that, like The Randolph, sources from American suppliers. However these guys "eschew espresso machines, featuring multiple styles of American brewed coffee." They're about three seconds too late to the 'third wave' coffee trend, but power to them. As long as they don't serve $10 cups of joe.
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The Randolph

349 Broome St., New York, NY

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