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Alan Richman Admits Les Halles Slam Was Revenge Move

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Critic Alan Richman responded to Anthony Bourdain's recent attacks on him in Bourdain's new book Medium Raw, saying "I'm offended by him, and I'm offended that HarperCollins publishers put out this book. Who was the genius over there who decided the house that had given us Mark Twain and E.B. White should publish this compilation of vile thoughts?"

Bourdain titled a chapter of his book "Alan Richman is a Douchebag," because of a negative review the critic gave to Bourdain's restaurant Les Halles right after the TV personality had awarded him the Douchebag of the Year award. Richman tells Fork in the Road that he reviewed the place because of the jab but it earned the negative marks all on its own:

I wrote the piece with the intention of getting even with Bourdain. I admit that. But I had no ill-will towards Les Halles. To be honest, Bourdain is such an untalented cook that I expected it to be better than it was when he worked there. Instead, I found an appalling restaurant, one of the worst in New York...I think, in retrospect, it was one of the most useful and serviceable reviews I've written --- nobody else had said how dreadful one of the most crowded restaurants in New York had become.
He adds, "he is a man without a vocabulary, capable of nothing except name-calling."
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