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Eddie Huang Drops Xiao Ye Menu Details, Plans for an SF Food Truck Throwdown

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Welcome back to Haus Call, where Eater periodically checks in with BaoHaus and Xiao Ye chef/owner Eddie Huang to see what he’s up to these days.

eddiehuanghauscall.jpgNot surprisingly, Eddie Huang had a pretty busy weekend — aside from debuting a dish from his new restaurant Xiao Ye at the Hester St. Fair (“Kim Jong’s Ill Noodles”), he also finalized more of the new spot’s menu and penned a post on his blog about corporate food trucks, and specifically SF's Chairman Bao truck. Huang previously claimed that the name "Chairman Bao" may have been cribbed from the signature dish on the BaoHaus menu. When we asked him what he was up to this Tuesday morning, he replied:

Right now, I'm actually meeting with my people right now about organizing a throwdown with that bootleg Chairman Bao truck. We're coordinating with truck owners to see if we can get a truck one weekend in SF. Whether or not they want to throwdown, we're trying to get out there and cook so people can taste the original.
An SF pop-up food truck? Moving Haus? Westward Baound? Eddie notes of the truck throwdown: “haven't reached out to the chairman bao truck about the throwdown, we're just gonna get our goons together and show up haha.”

But for the immediate future, the Huangster is focusing on the menu for Xiao Ye — it’s a work in progress, but he shared some of the new dishes with us, and they’ve all got crazy, crazy names.

Preview of the Xiao Ye Menu (stars denote Eddie's favorite names):

Concubine Cucumber - pickled cucumber

Obey Your Parents Bean Sprouts - pickled bean sprouts

*After Kumon Wings - 3 flavors, pick one: sweet chili, 5 spice (w/peanut chili dust), or 3 cup flavor

Country Fried Steak: The Legend Continues - two country fried cube steaks topped with kwi chang gravy

*General Poke-Her-Face Head on Prawns - wok tossed general tso's head on prawns

*Big Trouble in Little Hainan Chicken - half chicken served with chicken rice minced ginger, scallion oil, and homemade chili sauce

***Everything But the Dog Meat Platter - our signature red cooked meat platter comes with pork belly, ox tail, pork rib and either beef rib or short rib.

Robster Craws - Hainan Lobster served with lobster rice minced ginger, scallion oil, and homemade chili sauce

Elegant Geisha's Flounder - steamed flounder with scallions, ginger, and seasoned soy

*Flat Taiwanese Bootycake - condensed milk pancakes topped with lychees, whipped cream, peanuts and hot lychee syrup

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