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The Cocktails at Newcomer Il Matto Will be Super Weird

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Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Robert Simonson files a cocktail sneak peek on Il Matto, a new Italian restaurant opening soon in the old Arqua space in Tribeca. The pictures alone are enough to give a drinker pause, but the descriptions are where it's at. In addition to serving martinis over vermouth soaked rocks, the bartenders here offer "avant-garde" drinks like the creamy clamato mary, garnished with a whole sprig of thyme and a piece of radicchio. Or "la signorina, a green-hued, gin-based concoction adorned with an enormous piece of lettuce, a strawberry and a balsamic vinegar reduction." Or how about the The Pasolini? It's "made of brandy, Frangelico, sugar, ricotta cheese and mixed berries, blended together." The list also include drinks made with peperoncini, Parmesean cheese, and beets. And you thought the Benton's Old Fashioned was cutting edge.
· Cocktails of the Italian Avant-Garde in TriBeCa [Diner's Journal]

Il Matto

281 Church St., New York, NY

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