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Shack's Ramp Dog is the Apex of Ramp and Hot Dog Mania

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First comes the Shake Shack's Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger (which people queued up for two weeks ago) and now this. From the Shack's Facebook page:

UWS Ramp Dog - This Saturday ONLY! Stop by the UWS tomorrow and check out our special Ramp Dog ($4.50). Ramp Dog? You heard right. We're taking our all-beef Vienna Flat Top Dog and topping it with griddled ramps and applewood smoked bacon butter. It is not to be missed!
Ramp Dog! There's the concern that combining these two foodie trends will be like in Ghostbusters when they cross their lasers streams: they risk blowing up the world. Of course, this isn't the first time they've embarked on this dangerous experiment.
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Shake Shack UWS

366 Columbus Ave., New York, NY

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