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Nightlife Notebook: Woodson & Ford and Pfaff's Return

WOODSON AND FORD— The forced closure of Woodson and Ford, the semi-secret cocktail den below 643 Broadway, was greatly upsetting to the bar's legion of fans. But a source tells Eater that the Woodson and Ford team has located a new space and is busy with the renovations. There is no date for the opening. [EaterWire]

GREENWICH VILLAGE— Speaking of 643 Broadway, the new team that will be occupying the space is scheduled to appear before Community Board 2 again next week, and according to the agenda, plan on calling the basement space The Vault at Pfaff’s, which was the space's original name when it first opened in 1855! Pfaff's was popular among the literary and bohemian set and its head honcho was Walt Whitman, who memorialized the beer hall in an unfinished poem. So apparently this makes Pfaff's New York's first subterranean hipster bar! [EaterWire]

MEPA— A fellow club owner got a good laugh out of Mike Satsky's COCE rating yesterday and agrees with his assessment, saying "His door is hard". But the owner has a word of caution for Iron Mike, warning that the club game is "a marathon and not a sprint. See what happens in the long term." [EaterWire]

The Vault at Pfaff's

643 Broadway, New York, NY 10012