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Old Homestead Customer to Win Lifetime of Steak

Congratulations, you've just won a cholesterol problem!

This week in publicity stunts: Old Homestead Steakhouse which opened in the Meatpacking District back in 1868, is offering its 10 millionth customer free steak every week for him/her and a guest for life. It's somewhat arbitrary given they have to guestimate the number, but the owners say they've "spent months" running the numbers (uh huh) to figure out the big 10 mil is coming in two weeks. Regardless, someone's about to win an incredibly valuable prize, especially at the current price of $48 a steak. Here's betting some tourist, old timer, or occasional meat eater will end up with the win.
· Thanks a Mignon [MYP]

Old Homestead Steakhouse

56 9th Ave., New York, NY