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An Evening At The Gentle Jane Ballroom

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Word began to circulate early Monday evening that the Jane Ballroom, the troubled lounge that had been closed for seven months, would finally open for business last night. Management had worked tirelessly to correct the numerous building violations it had received, and unlike the fall when neighbors were overwhelmed by long lines and taxis run amok, the Jane promised a much more neighborhood friendly atmosphere. The Ballroom received permission to reopen last week, and we decided head to the West Village to experience the gentle Jane Ballroom.

Everything was quiet on Jane Street when we arrived around 11:45. Rather than seeing a mass of people waiting to get in and staff cloaked in orange corralling taxis, Jane street was empty save for two security guards stationed outside of the building and a hotel bell hop. So far, so good. The club's new and improved door staff is now positioned in the lobby and directly outside the ballroom, and all guest decisions will be made inside the building and not on the street. Smart move.

The scene inside the Ballroom was laid back and festive, with a small crowd on hand for the re-openng. The changes made to the space appeared to be minimal, with perhaps an additional couch placed here or there, and a removal of a speaker or two. Classic rock was played at a comfortable level, allowing guests to converse without screaming, and service was attentive.

We caught up with Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte, who run the Ballroom, and the general feeling was happiness and relief that they were finally able to re-open. Kliegman said that they had been bombarded with emails and texts over the weekend asking if the Ballroom was open, but decided to hold off for the beginning of the work week. The plan is to keep things small and friendly, patiently letting the operation get its feet set underneath itself, to mitigate any problems that may arise. But from what we saw last night, there probably won't be many problems. Guests that were on the list were quickly ushered inside, and those who were not did not linger in either the lobby or the street.

We bid adieu around 1:45 to head home and the scene on Jane Street was exactly the same as when we arrived. Tranquil and quaint. And that's just the way everyone likes it.
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The Jane Hotel and Ballroom

113 Jane St, New York, NY