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Cariño, The Commodore, Milux Cafe Certified Open

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1) Soho: NYC Foodie reports that The Milux Cafe, the "perfect neighborhood joint" serving panini, espresso, and chocolate, is open. See the menu here. Status: Certified Open; 482 Broome St.

2) Williamsburg: Downtown Diaries notices that Commodore, the new bar and restaurant linked to Egg and Pies 'n' Thighs alum Stephen Tanner, has opened in the old Black Betty space. This is not, of course, related to the new project for the Honmura An space in Soho: "Wood paneled walls, random decor, a few arcade games, a jukebox, a king kong cut-out...Cute, summery, little cocktails such as The Boathouse, Rum Punch, Pina Colada, and Mint Julep adorn the custom cocktail list – which will make this bar a staple in my nightly lineup for the next four months. If you don’t feel like drinking, you can get some comfort food in the front." The menu includes hot breast ($8), burger ($5), hot fish ($8), 3 fried thighs with biscuits ($9), and adult cheese ($6). Status: Certified Open; 366 Metropolitian Ave.

3) Williamsburg: About half a dozen tipsters have written in to note the opening of Cariño, a new Mexican spot from a group of Bonita FOH alums. Located on South 4th between Berry and Wythe, a couple of early fans are already deeming their fish tacos "amazing." Status: Certified Open; 82 South 4th St., Brooklyn.

4) West Village: Time Out NY reports that Popbar Popsicles a new storefront selling "homemade gelato served on sticks, in 25 rotating flavors (including pistachio and licorice)" that "can be dipped, drizzled and dusted with various chocolates and crumbled toppings" is opening this week. Status: ; 5 Carmine St., 212-255-4874.

The Commodore

366 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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