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Prime Meats Review Ignites Manhattan/Brooklyn Feud

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A commenting war of sorts is currently being hashed out in yesterday’s Sift Happens post about the NYT Prime Meats review, that has escalated into a heated debate about Brooklyn restaurants versus Manhattan restaurants, and whether one is looked upon more favorably than the other by Sam Sifton. The whole thing is worth a read, but here are two particularly inspired takes on the subject:


Wiliamsburg is a part of Manhattan as far as I'm concerned. It's all about the gimmick. Fatty Cue is case in point. Pies and Thighs is nothing to write home about, but they hired a good publicist, that's all.

And yes, I believe MOST Manhattan restaurants are put together by a bunch of idiot consultants trying to capture the market. Pulino's, Breslin are but a few examples. They're for the Sex in the City crowd, not serious foodies.

Best pizza in the city is Lucali (in Brooklyn), DiFara (Brooklyn) or Franny's (also in Brooklyn) it's certainly not Pulino's. Prime Meats is a nicer, more upscale, more authentic version of The Breslin without the scene. The horrible, revolting scene that is the Ace Hotel and everything associated with it.

Manhattan is a theme park of restaurants. BTW, if you think Sifton can't afford to live in Manhattan, you're the real retard here.


A) The Manhattan restaurant scene is more than the Breslin and Pulino's. And I agree with you there on some points. Prime Meats IS a better restaurant and deserves the Two. 100% agree. But it's the way it's addressed. If April Bloomfield was cooking in Park Slope, you'd be sucking her off. There are a ridiculous amount of great restaurants on this island not owned by the mega-restauranteurs. What do you think we all eat at Blue Water Grill every night?

B) How much do you think the NY Times Food Critic makes, dude? He writes one article a week and couple of blog posts. I know he's got the whole family situation so yes, he can't afford to live in Manhattan- however, my point here is not about the annual salary of the Times Critic. It's about that I-Live-In-Brooklyn chip on the shoulder. Every one of my friends who lives there has it. You know what I mean- c'mon.

C) No one would ever compare Pulino's to Lucali or DiFara or Franny's. Congratulations, your borough has mastered the pizza. Enjoy it. And enjoy the 40 minute subway ride to enjoy something else.

If this spirited argument has inspired any strong feelings in you, please feel free to jump in and defend your borough.
Update: Restaurateur Eddie Huang's thoughts.
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Prime Meats

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