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Another Swanky Restaurant is Scheduled for Bowery 2.0

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A new restaurant is taking over part of the troubled Sunshine Hotel annex at 245 Bowery, a few doors north of the New Museum of Contemporary Art and only a short slide south of Keith McNally's latest venture, Pulino's Pizzeria up at East Houston. The architect in charge here is Richard H. Lewis, who not only put together Pulino's but also created McNally's ode to old New York at the Minetta Tavern.

Back on the Bowery, interior demo got OK'd last week and crews are now busy tearing out the guts of the former Bari Restaurant Equipment Depot. An application for a Place of Assembly so far has been Disapproved by Dept. of Buildings, but the paperwork shows the plan is to extend down into the cellar and make room for 150 diners on the main floor.

It seems the little Single Room Occupancy cubicles upstairs at the Sunshine will remain. Which might explain what's seen on the Public Assembly paperwork - "Name of PA Establishment: S.R.O." When this new eatery opens Standing Room Only could be the more appropriate definition.

But could it be that food-meister Keith McNally is hitting the skids once again? He tells Eater he's not involved, "too busy writing letters to critics."
—Pete Davies
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Sunshine Hotel

245 Bowery, New York, NY

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