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Permanent Brunch Gives up One Gimmick, Adopts Another

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Wait what? A restaurant concept based on the idea of an all day somewhat overpriced New York brunch with an expensive 'bacon bar' didn't do gangbusters in the East Village?

Fork in the Road reports today that Permanent Brunch is switching up its concept after ten months in business. They tried it once before when they changed the name to Permanent Brunch & Burger to allure the egg-averse crowds, but this is a more significant overhaul. And watch out—it's another trend. The restaurant will reopen tomorrow as Steak Shoppe, a grass-fed meat emporium, the second in the neighborhood. The best part is by far the marketing. They're calling their humanely raised beef "natural vintage beef," noting it has a "higher level of purity." These pure burgers can be topped with pineapple barbecue sauce or wasabi mustard.
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Steak Shoppe

95 1st Ave., New York, NY