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Party Poopers at DOH Shutter K! Pizzacone on Day of Review

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On the same day that K! Pizzacone, the first name in conical pizza, scored a curious, albeit tepid review from The New Yorker, it was also paid a visit by the DOH. Now a day later, there's still paper covering the doors to the slim space on 5th Avenue. Restaurant reps report there was a slight electrical problem and that they should be able to reopen by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.

Two questions: do the goons at the Health Dept. pick their targets based on Tables for Two (answer: obviously, yes). And what will all of those New Yorker readers—who must be rushing to the place—do when they find it closed?
· The New Yorker Devotes Primo Review Space to Pizza in Cones [~ENY~]

K! Pizzacone

325 Fifth Ave., New York, NY

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