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Sam Sifton to File on the Fully Loaded Prime Meats

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Horine, 1/12/09

As mentioned last month, the mole at the Times that revealed the identity of every weekly Sam Sifton review has gone quiet. But this week, Eater hears through industry sources that tomorrow he will give his starred assessment to the endlessly crowded Carroll Gardens eatery Prime Meats.

Now, Sifty has already filed on the Franks' newest in a Dining Brief back in November, noting that the place wasn't receiving a full review because it was still opening in stages. He wrote, "You know what’s going to be great? When Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli finally open the main dining room of Prime Meats, their excellent little barroom in Carroll Gardens." Well, now it's open. And the question becomes, how great is it? As far as the look, it's a real beauty—hip, a little glam, somewhat sceney, crowded but not loud. And it's close enough to where the guy lives, so he's been in enough to know the place. As for the food, Sifton was a fan in November, and they've only had time to improve. The downside: they don't take cards, he doesn't seem to like their meat pricing system, he wasn't wowed by the breakfast on the first go around.

THE LINE: Goose Egg: 50 - 1; One Star: 8 - 1; Two Stars: 2 - 1; Three Stars: 10 - 1; Four Stars: 400 - 1. [Prime Meats Reviewed, NYT; after ~8PM]

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Prime Meats

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Prime Meats

465 Court St., Brooklyn, NY