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Gay Talese Pens Final Farewell to Gino as Cupcakerie Moves In

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Pizza in cone form isn't the only food world mention in the New Yorker this week. Famed author Gay Talese is also in there penning a goodbye to his old haunt, the 65 year-old Gino, which is closing at the end of this month. As Lost City points out, Talese is a frequent chronicler of all things Gino (he's had a house account there for 50 years), immortalizing it in the Times, the New Yorker, and in his books.

In today's account he mentions the unchanging decor, the unchanging menus, the plastic flowers, the stream of old timers stopping in over the last days to say goodbye. The owner Michael Miele tells Talese he'd like to open a new restaurant nearby if he can get a backer, "a big if in this economy." Meanwhile, the Gino space is being taken over by the owners of the Sprinkles Cupcakes chain.
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