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Westville East Also Asks Customers for Help in CB Battle

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Last week, hip downtown restaurant Cafe Select sent a letter to friends and regulars asking them to help in obtaining a sidewalk cafe license. And it worked! Now Westville East is following suit. An Eater correspondent there for brunch over the weekend notes that a new sign on the door asks diners to sign their petition or email Community Board 3 to support them in their quest for sidewalk action, while also stating, "Some mean spirited neighbors say we are trying to profit off their sidewalk, we are part of the community..."

Meanwhile, employees asked the overflow crowd and seated customers to sign, and inside the bartender told the tale of a CB3 attendee who stood up at the last meeting and said Westville makes her fear for her life. Why? Because the sidewalk is so full of people waiting that she has to walk in the street, thereby threatening her safety.
· Cafe Select Begs Regulars to Aid them in Battle with CB2 [~ENY~]
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173 Ave. A, New York, NY

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