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Juicy Details on the Williams/Bull Gottino Lawsuit Revealed

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The legal and financial mishaps of Gottino's co-owners Michael Bull and chef Jody Williams may be finally coming to a close now that Williams has taken flight. But there are still juicy details to be meted out. While Bull seems to be dodging calls at the wine bar, digging through the public records of their legal battle has revealed some interesting tidbits about the dispute.

On Williams' departure from Morandi: "16)...pursuant to the terms of her employment relationship with Keith McNally, defendant, Jody Williams, was prohibited from owning, operating or managing another restaurant...such restriction precluded defendant, Jody Williams, from holding a membership interest in New
Amsterdam and owning or operating its restaurant known as Gottino." And then, "17) Upon information and belief, on or about May 27, 2008, upon Keith McNally's learning of defendant, Jody Williams' ownership interest in New Amsterdam, Keith McNally fired defendant, Jody Williams, from her employment at Morandi.

On Williams' money madness: "For several months after being fired, defendant, Jody Williams...started taking $2,500.00 per week from New Amsterdam, over plaintiff's objection, claiming that she needed the money since she no longer had a source of income from Morandi." And then, "...defendant, Jody Williams, unilaterally determined, without consultation with or agreement by plaintiff, Michael Bull, to: (a) be employed full-time by New Amsterdam; and (b) take a weekly salary of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars, which sums defendant, Jody Williams, purported to characterize as a management fee; (c) to virtually eliminate plaintiff, Michael Bull's role in the affairs of New Amsterdam; and (d) to reduce plaintiff, Michael Bull's compensation to Six Hundred ($600.00) Dollars per week."

The most recent document outlines Bull's call for the dissolution of New Amsterdam Merchants, the company he shared with Williams, on the basis that, in addition to the grievances aired (the misappropriation of funds), the toque also "refused to allow New Amsterdam to prepare and file federal and state tax returns, which are now overdue and remain unfiled."

In Williams' affidavit, she chronicles the history of Gottino, noting that she had started planning the restaurant with Bull well before she opened Morandi (though the company, New Amsterdam Merchants, was officially made an LLC while she was there). She also claims she was under no contract with McNally, and claims that Bull is a phantom manager, having never hired, fired or trained any staff and shirked his responsibilities to fix leaks, broken locks etc. The case yet yet to be settled.
—Zachary Feldman
· Official Case Details [WebCivilSupreme]


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