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John DeLucie Plugs The Lion on Jimmy Fallon

Waverly Inn Chef John DeLucie’s clubby new week and-a-half-old Village eatery, The Lion, is essentially the Iron Man 2 of summer restaurant openings: The big-budget sequel that’s impossible to get into on opening weekend (but not so much thereafter), that gets tons of coverage from all the big media outlets, whose stars pop up on late night talk shows (and morning kids shows) to plug it. DeLucie stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to demo the restaurant’s signature lobster pot pie, but mostly chatted with Jimmy about his former days as a rock and roll guitar player. Meanwhile, Adam Perry Lang was promoting his book on Jimmy Kimmel.

The Lion

62 West Ninth Street, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website

The Lion

62 West 9th St., New York, NY

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