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SD26's Tony May is Also Not So Pleased With NYC Critics

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Tony May, one of the veterans of Italian cuisine in New York and the owner of the nine month-old Flatiron restaurant SD26, revealed on the Leonard Lopate show yesterday he, like McNally, is not so pleased with New York critics. Fork in the Road has the transcription:

To recognize authenticity, you need an expert...To be competent in Italian cuisine, you have to go to Italy, you must have gone to different restaurants, you must have had lessons in Italian products, you've got to truly understand...I think we have a problem with the consumer, but above all, I think we have a problem with the press. They're the first ones that don't really know anything...most so-called critics today do not really understand the true flavors of Italian cuisine.
That must be the reason for the tepid reviews of SD26.
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