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The In Your Face Ice Cream Truck; Roof Deck at Mercat Negre

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TRIBECA—A tipster, on the above sighting, "Never heard of this ice cream truck, parked next to Frites 'n' Meats truck on Greenwich St/Duane St. Gaudy scrolling neon signage was so cheesy I couldn't bring myself to try it. Upon further research, headquartered in NJ." [EaterWire]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— Next Monday, Metromix is hosting a tasting event with restaurants 5 & Diamond, Bar Suzette, Beba, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, D.O.B. 111, Lucy’s Whey, Mikey’s Burger, Pain D’Avignon, Satay Junction, and Vareli. Tickets are $15. [Metromix]

WILLIAMSBURGMercat Negre, a Spanish restaurant on rand Grand Street in Williamsburg, has opened up its 1,000 square foot rooftop garden. [EaterWire]

SOHO—A new happy hour at Via dei Mille on West Broadway: $5 glass of Sangria or Bellini’s, and a complimentary appetizer served with each drink. Monday – Friday, 4:30 - 7 PM. [EaterWire]

Mercat Negre

65 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY