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After Decade in East Village Crif Dogs Expands to the Burg

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The only surprise in this story is how long it took them. Last night PDT's Jim Meehan confirmed to Metromix that the owners of creative hot dog shop and St. Mark's Place quasi-institution Crif Dogs is expanding to Williamsburg after nine years in business. He doesn't spill specifics but notes it's off the Bedford L stop on either Bedford or Driggs and will open in late summer. If it does well, they'll consider expanding even further.
· Grilled: Taste of the Nation 2010 [Metromix]

Crif Dogs - Williamsburg

555 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 302-3200 Visit Website

Crif Dogs

Bedford Ave. & North 7th St., New York, NY