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Tribeca Giant Bar Artisanal is Now a Spanish Restaurant

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A little over a year after its opening, Terrance Brennan's giant decently reviewed cheese-heavy small plates joint in Tribeca, Bar Artisanal, got a full, head-to-toe Spanish makeover, seemingly overnight. Brennan revealed the switchover to Metromix at the Taste of the Nation last night, an lo and behold, the change is already apparent on the official website. The restaurant's new name is Bar Artisanal Restaurant & Tapas Bar, and its menu now features small-plate staples like Iberico ham, papas-bravas and salt cod croquettes, as well as more left-leaning, Ferran Adrià-like creations such as liquid foie gras and sea urchin crema on toast. Also: their logo now has a woman dancing the flamenco.

As close followers may recall, when Bar Artisanal was gearing up for its opening back in April of last year—after the short lived Trigo tanked—the restaurant's PR claimed it was introducing a new concept to the dining landscape: the combination bar and bistro, or “barstro.” With this new menu wrinkle, Brennan and Co. maybe have another, wholly original, totally groundbreaking concept on their hands: The Tapas Barstro. For those playing along at home, that's three concepts in two and a half years.
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Bar Artisanal Restaurant and Tapas Bar

268 West Broadway, New York, NY

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