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The Times is Not Cool With Restaurant's Misuse of its Logo

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Last fall, Pakistani deli Kashimir changed its name to The Times Restaurant and added the New York Times logo to its awning. An inappropriate use of the Grey Lady's trademark for sure, yet it's still surprising to read on Midtown Lunch today that the paper asked the restaurant, which none too coincidentally sits across the street from their offices, to remove its signage.

Zach Brooks is right to muse, " anybody really confusing this run down Pakistani buffet with a restaurant that might possibly be affiliated with the paper of record? Doubtful." The restaurant has complied and now boasts a less flamboyant awning.

@SamSifton checks in: "These poor fellows, just trying to sell their grim grub cheap."
· NYT Sends Cease & Desist to Times Restaurant [ML]

Times Restaurant and Bar

601 8th Ave., New York, NY

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