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Dell'Anima Offshoot Anfora Set to Open Tonight

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[Jessica Lin]

On Friday night, August Cardona, Joe Campanale, Gabe Thompson and other folks from mobbed West Village restaurant Dell'Anima welcomed friends and family to their new sister restaurant/wine bar Anfora. The basic space is lined with a long white marble bar on the right and a line of leather banquettes and low tables on the left. It's sexy, it has the potential to be loud, and it serves sustainable and bio-dynamic wine from all over the world, a small list of cocktails, whiskys and scotches, and snacks like soft boiled eggs, paninis, lamb ragu sliders, and plenty of charcuterie. The bar is sure to be a hangout for the city's winos and, more assuredly, the run off from the restaurant next door.
· Anfora [Official Site]


34 8th Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 518-2722 Visit Website


34 8th Ave., New York, NY