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Wall Street Journal Reporters Try, Fail to Eat at The Lion

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Though new John DeLucie restaurant and instant hot spot The Lion was pitched as being more accommodating and democratic than restaurants like the Waverly Inn and Monkey Bar, that doesn't mean civilians are getting primo tables anytime soon. The listed number goes to an answering machine asking diners to email in resy requests. And here's a Wall Street Journal account of an attempted walk in:

Late Wednesday evening, a bright-orange Ferrari waited outside The Lion, while Donna Karan and her daughter, Gaby, waited inside for a table. A pair of nattily dressed reporters were turned away for a two-top; a maitre d' said the restaurant closed the kitchen an hour early and suggested they come back 'one day really early.'
Instead they went to a less packed Hotel Griffou, a nearby restaurant that also once hoped to be the next hot thing. For now, if you want to eat at the Lion, try to get a resy or go around, oh, 5 PM.
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The Lion

62 West Ninth Street, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website

The Lion

62 West 9th St., New York, NY

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