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Pieces and Bobo Both Vie for Scorched Village Paper Space

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Sources close to the restaurant reveal that Carlos Suarez, owner of bi-level West Village restaurant Bobo, is close to signing a lease on the former space of Village Paper, a supply store that burned down in a terrible fire/explosion back in February. Word is he and chef Patrick Connolly are planning a more casual, more affordable neighborhood restaurant. Exciting, right?

But it's not so simple. Pieces, the Christopher Street gay bar has been on Community Board 2's liquor license docket twice to apply for the same space, as they're hoping to relocate. We have yet to hear the outcome of Tuesday's meeting, but back in April when the bar was a no-show the community voiced their concern over the possible move, claiming the bars are ruining the neighborhood.

So the future of the space may not only depend on who the landlord favors but also on which entity is more likely to get community approval, if anyone can get approval at all. The neighbors who complained of a deteriorating West 10th St. are probably hoping for another stationary store. But given the rents the landlord is currently asking for, they better not hold their breaths.
· CB2 Approves Boom Boom for Dancing, Denies Gay Bar Pieces [~ENY~]


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