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Westchester is Blossoming; The UK's Idea of a New York Sandwich

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WESTCHESTER— Diner's Journal reports that Nick Livanos—owner of Oceana and a whole slew of restaurants under the Livanos Restaurant Group umbrella— will soon open the Moderne Barn on Bedford Road up in Westchester. [Diner's Journal]

GREAT BRITAINThis is what's in the "New York" sandwich now being served in British branches of McDonald's: "smoked cheese, bacon, onion mayonnaise, and onions." No. [Gawker]

MEPA—Steakhouse Old Homestead has crowned their 10 millionth customer. She wins a lifetime of free steak: "The 10 millionth customer moseyed on in through the big wooden doors of the Old Homestead Steakhouse at 8:05 p.m. on Wednesday, May 12 to the hoopla and fanfare of a crowd that included Jackie Gleason, Marilyn Monroe & Mr. Frank Sinatra (of course, all impersonators). At first, Ms. Mailis Pustrom, and her husband Philip Widlanski didn't know what hit them." [EaterWire]

Old Homestead Steakhouse

56 9th Ave., New York, NY

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