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Nightlife Notebook: Kenmare Goes Late, Cafe Select Troubles

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NOLITA— Great news for almost everyone not named Georgette Fleischer. Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan's new restaurant and lounge Kenmare has apparently been able to secure a 4 AM liquor license, meaning that patrons who enjoy Joey Campanaro's food may now be able to linger just a little bit longer. [TONY]

NOLITA— It seems that another Serge Becker's restaurant may soon run into a La Esquina like problem. Cafe Select co-owner Oliver Strumm tells Grub Street that city agencies visit his restaurant on a weekly basis and recently delivered a scathing health inspection, resulting in a whopping 103 violation points. Unlike Esquina, Cafe Select remains open while addressing the problems and will try to keep a lid on its usually festive atmosphere. [Grub Street]

LONDON— Shame on us for missing this one, but a group a British bankers wagered on the recent elections and won big. Choosing to celebrate like the bankers they are, the group headed to the reservations-only club Merah in London and proceeded to spend £60,000 (equivalent of $89,900 U.S.) in just a few short hours. Their big ticket item was £36,000 for an approximately 6L "Methuselah" of Cristal. [DealBreaker via Eater National]

LOWER EAST SIDE— Stanton Social celebrated it's five year anniversary last night. Hard to believe it's been five years since the place opened, and reminds us of the simpler times before Hell Square reeked havoc in the LES. [EaterWire]

CHELSEA— Not that anyone cares, but former Limelight maven and current prison inmate Michael Alig ponders the conversion of his former stomping grounds into a mall, telling Steve Lewis, "I suppose the conversion of one of the city’s most notorious and decadent nightspots into a Wal-Mart is a fairly accurate, if depressing sign of the times." Deep. [BB]


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