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Ill Advised, Boozeless T-Poutine Shutters After Nine Months

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It looks like the ill-advised, perpetually empty, boozeless niche restaurant T-Poutine has given up the fight. The gates on the nine month-old sliver of a space on Ludlow have been down for days, the phone is disconnected, and neighbors say she's donski. What does it say about this town when a man with a dream to sell gravy covered fries on a busy nightlife clogged block in a somewhat cartoonish space can't make it? Somehow, we think the NIMBYs will count this as a victory.

Just note future niche restaurateurs—if you're going to focus on one kind of food, meatballs, mac 'n' cheese, and hummus are really the only ways to go. And lock down that liquor.
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168 Ludlow St., New York, NY