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Fearless Trump Soho Newcomer Kastel Bans Barfly Babies

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Just two days after the Times ran a piece about how fine dining establishments are so great for rich New Yorkers' fancy offspring, we learn not every NYC venue is bending over backwards to cater to the under two set. Page Six reports that supermodel Karolina Kurkova was told she could not bring her six month old Tobin into new Trump Soho nightlife spot Kastel. Tough door!

The policy makes sense (even if it is Rosario Dawson's birthday party), since these Miami operators are angling to become the next Boom Boom Room. They can't be confused with Union Hall or one of those other Park Slope bars cum daycare centers. Plus, they're far enough outside of the web that they don't have to worry about retribution from Brooklyn's stroller mafia.

Perhaps they're taking a cue from Double Windsor, a Windsor Terrace bar that bans babies after 5.
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